Sunday, September 2, 2012

Still Alive!

So still without my own computer…>.< but been using the parent’s laptop when they aren’t using it. Turns out the battery running out was what made it turn off like that *facepalm*. I kept forgetting the plug was out haha.

Yesterday, I was able to get to clan raid of Black Wraith in Lucifer. We spent about an hour and half to two hours killing the thing. But it didn’t feel boring and we had good teamwork. It was new for me, so the surprises that happen were… well surprising :D

The past week I pretty much skipped my dailies. They are getting quite boring when I think about it but that’s only because I started a Citadel of the Gods pass and vesped every night. Got family level another rank, currently at level 53+2. Woot Woot. So while doing that I dedicated most of my time to that, to get the most out of my 7 day pass. Will update my character list soon.

Still awaiting 10.6 patch, but my best friend, Cast^^ has got me into GW2. So when I get my new computer (Hearing my answer for a job in the next couple days!) I most likely will play with him as soon as I do, hoping not to leave Sword 2 like many other people has haha. (most likely for realz perma afk. Get on to do little stuff and raids). I’m hoping the name I came up with has been taken. That would suck big cohunes!

Other things would be, got my +6 Jewel Ice Bracer life mod, so I can cross that off the list. Did Catherine Torsche quest on 3rd alt as it seems that the robot catherines will only get expert stance as one per family/account. >.> seriously? ... So when the time comes I plan to get the 4th and maybe 5th alt the books as well, depends on how I like them, which I probably will haha. Just more work, ~lazy (but I want to be the awesome one so yea XD)

Hoping to get all I wanted done soon in-game and in real life. To make complete racial sets, get ELN modded and much other stuff maybe will be done sooner than I thought.


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