Sunday, January 29, 2012

Figure V

Sorry I'm late on this post. Been distracted lately, and the first round of tests for school are a comin'. Sadly studying for them is hard... hard because I am not studying like I am suppose to >.< all i want to do is sleep!!
Sword has been taking up sometime that I should be productive with. I found myself idleing on the screen for a good hour, that was worth 2 classes of reviewing notes! curse you Sword 2!
     *There, there, I didn't mean it! I love you, its ok it ok, no ones going to hurt you!*strokes the computer*
Now you see this up there.  .o/
That's not normal.

Anyways, some nice aspects filled this week. I experted Hedayre (Leonelle), Eugyeal (2nd Grace), and Hysaio (Lorch). Finally. Was able to get some ESN code money to sell in-game and for my personal needs, and feel pretty adequate with restocking items and buying a couple new weapons. The ESA Armor I got a couple weeks ago, was being uber stubborn to getting to +7, so before I wasted more money, I traded my alt with the armor to upgrade and got it on the first time. I got my Dragon pistol and rifle and loving them! *they are so pertty* I haven't gotten great enchants on them but the pistol has atk and golem so its sufficing at the moment. In the near future I hope to get atk and AR. They got to +6 on the the first attempt as well. For the past couple days, I've been continuing the training of some Veterans.

Current Levels:
Astranymah (Helena) Vet. 5
Lehvynosa (M. Wizard) Vet. 4
Vladamiyr (Viki) Vet.6 -Apparently Viki is a girl, but I originally thought he/she was a boy, so that is what he will be from now on :P-
Kaiyede (Grenmah) Vet. 7
Havyrsian (Panfilo) Vet. 6
Midory (Lisa) Vet. 6
The leveling is in progress and who ever is leveled depends on the leveling spot I happen to get.

Sad thing is I don't even really like Helena all that much. She's just...there. Panfilo is cool, 
and I luvs treasure golem summon so many flying monsters

Clan Raids gifted us with a Symbol of Pisces and Libra while Griffon dropped Pisces. Sweet. Now I need Scorpios >.> ...

I'm expecting some new equips and characters from a good friend, so higher family level here I come ^^
Can't wait to be back to a more consistent posting. And even though its not alot, The couple a page-views I get a couple of days, bring some excitement for me. Someone's reading my sturff! ToT

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Figure IV

This week has been super slow. Interent has been going out at days at a time and has put a damper on afk leveling and active activities. Missed clan raids >.> not a happy camper. For the time I was able to get on, I was able to finish Castilla episode 1. That questline has been untouched since the update it came out with so I'm glad I got around to it. Got a few levels on some characters. Hedayre (Leonele) is now Vet. 8 and could of gotten to expert if wasn't for that meddling internet connection >.<. Hysiao (Lorch) is Vet. 10 so he's getting there. Started to level Midory (Lisa) Vet.1 so her side-quest should be started on pretty soon.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Duo Elementalist FTW!

Having a second elementalist has been pretty fun. Double aoeing is super cool to watch. The brother and sister, Angyeal (M. Ele) Expert 2 and Vynchessah (F. Ele) newly Master 2 have been bonding great and can't wait to obliterate on higher levels together. As Angyeal  is the little brother he has some catching up to do to get on his sister's level. Like I said, double Abyss Flares are a family's bestfriend. (What about three *_*?!)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Figure III

With the first week of another semester done, I am already ready for summer. Less time has been put into Sword 2, like predicted, but things still progress at a satisfied rate. In terms of leveling, before and after the experience event buff was removed Angyeal (M. Elementalist) got to Exp. 2 and I sacrificed two of the Pisces symbols I was saving to get and maxed out both Augury and Occultism. I'm super excited about this because I can Abyss Flare simultaneously now >:-). Even though he is a character you don't see everyday, the Capitane Costume+Hair and Blue Serpent are a step up to his Fugly wardrobe. He'll be pretty now. Getting him to master will be great since ill be able replace him with Vynchessah (F. Ele) from time to time. Heydare (Leonele) got to Vet. 6, sadly I recognized his coolness even in Outrage stance a little to late and missed out on getting him to expert with the event. Either I'll bring him out again and train, experience card him, or hope there be another event with the next patch as well with having Punisher Stance Book ready.  Hysiao (Lorch) got to Vet. 9 and Midory (Lisa) is Vet. 1. So I eventually will start her side-quests and see how she works in-game. Eugyeal (2nd Grace) is now Vet. 9 and helped level Midory in the Forgotten Areas. Eugyeal is was also a hand in helping *flashback*...

Doing my regular routine of what includes Skeleton Bounty Hunter Dungeon for Nest of Skeleton, Room of the dead Key. With Patroyva (Raven), Hymerah (Adelina), Virgilliya (Emilia G.) completing the run, we immediately go to the Nest and defeat the Skeleton Head very easily. However this day seemed like any regular day. The Frenzied Montoro has been spawn more frequently for us lately and killing him this time rewarded us with Montoro Skull Ring (FINALLY!). It really was a shock because after you get into the habit of doing it almost everyday with this rare item never showing up its just a get in and get out. Though when I looked at the loot on the floor, the names were bunched a with a little more items than usual. So I harvested and watch the list on the left side go up and there it was. I jumped out of my chair and freaked out. Some say its not a big deal but when it's something that you don't get everyday and is earned by your own efforts, it is a really good feeling. So we headed over to Ustiur Base Camp and gained Kaiyede (Grenmah). Eugyeal leveled her to Vet.1 and is now sitting in the barracks with the 3dr ESA armor from Figure II and has a new Dragon Fury Sword (32 AR GS) waiting to be chipped. :D

AND you wont believe it! After I received Kaiyeda, I took about a 3 day break from doing Skeleton Nest, as I already got what I came for. But by fluck, I decided to go in it again, only with the thought of the 92/96 chips I can get. Yet again, Frenzied Montoro dropped Skull ring O.O I was in disbelief to get it twice in a row. I wonder if anybody else has gotten this kind of luck? With a smile on my face I sent out broads for selling the ring and got a nice profit of 600m Vis. That made my day, as a couple hours before I missed out on a Sekhmet Clan Raid's 3rd roulette thanks to my mother but that's out the door now.

Speaking of Clan Raids, all of them were completed yet again and the only note-worthy items were some Rare Books and a Le Scarce for Musketeer. My first Le Scarce to date so that was intriguing.

So surprises here and there. Probably will get back to regular leveling when I can get an Explorer pack to use with some Tactic/Combat Manuals I've been saving. In the meantime back to Letizia Box Farming. >.> A pain it is when Elite Gluttony comes trudging down, but stacking up on them is my only hope for being the next one to get Punisher Stance Book. Wish me luck ;)

Friday, January 6, 2012

For the Future

I recently had the idea to put some of my creative talents to work online very soon. College is about to start so my time will be limited T_____T*curses* but hopefully I can get some done, starting with short profiles (continously be added on) of a Soap Opera of sorts featuring the Granado Espada characters and even new fashions I've been dwelling upon in my head. Hopefully I can get rid of this laziness and get my creative mojo back in full.

Figure II

So this week has been a bit weird. Lately I get the feeling that Sword 2 is not as fun anymore. I go on and do the same old thing, killing the same stupid boss, raging at numerous boxes, rushing raids with just total annihilation, and not seeing faster ways to get Vis without putting Vis in. However, this is just how I feel now and there will come that day where it feels good again to play with my favorite characters and chatting with the friends who deal with the same things I do. Deep down I love the game to death and wouldn't stop/quit for anything. Just seems like stepping away from the computer sometimes is more relaxing than being on. Just my on/off feeling lately.

So far this week has been about progressing. The combat and stance experience event that was suppose to be removed on 1/6/12 maintenance was left untouched which was good news for everyone. I was able to level up Horaytio (Eduardo) to Expert and max out Rapiere stance, Deklynn (Gracielo) maxed out Hapkido, Virgyllia (Emilia) maxed out Darkness and with Charlytte's (Claire) restat I switched over to Dexterity and bought and maxed out Tested Burst. For Charlytte I've been wanting to do that for forever and the new patch was the key to it, oh yea! Also got some Veterans up an running. Angyeal (M. Elementalist) is Vet. 9 and Eugyeal (2nd Grace) to Vet. 7. All in the span of 2-4 days for each character in Skeleton Ancient Area.

A promotion from last weekend distributed the Flamme Blanche Costume for Male Musk. and White Bone Frame Costume for Fighter. Flamme Blanche is now my new favorite. All I need are a pair of Dragon Pistols and Dragon Rifle *drool*.

Luck was with me this week as I was able to +3dr an Elite Schvalier Armor (30DR) and +7 Elite Le Blance Fighter (30DR) making me 2x ELB Fighter's in my arsenal. The ESA failed to +7 so have to wait for funds to come in before trying again.

This week's Bazzar Boxes: Quinzels Penderie VII dropped Les Cheveux D'eclatant Beaut Hair and Nana Artozeia for F. Elementalist, Trifolium Costume for Romina, Cattelya Costume for Helena and Raiden's Andel VII dropped the first appeareance of Angel Micheal's Blade(33ar) and Dragon Fury Pistol. I myself got my hands on Les Cheveux D'eclatant Beaut Hair and Nana Artozeia and lovin' it.Working to get Cattelya very soon.

Clan Raids were full of Lvl.100 equipment, recipes and Rare books but the only goodies were Symbols of Gemini and Taurus so its not too bad. Other than that, lets hope to get less junk and more for pew-pew ^^

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Grandice and Adriana

Found a little video on the web that demonstrates the two sexy damsels in Abertal. Hopefully I get my Castilla episodes done before they come out. Talk about another thing to add to the list of things to do :)

Check it out here,

Sunday, January 1, 2012

What Next?

So far, Granado Espada aka Sword of the New World aka Sword 2 are in multiple regions with different version numbers. Each one patiently waiting for their next patches, with Korea at the highest patch of v.10. You can't help but think what's going to happen after? What new content will be able to keep our attention till the next patch? What characters will everyone be trying to collect and master? This mmorpg has hold it's place in the gaming world, and I'm honored to be able to play it.

From where it all started...

And following after...