Thursday, March 6, 2014

New Site?

Hiya, think Im going to come back to the blogging, most likely on tumblr tho. Ill update a link soon. Life gets you so busy, you forget the things you like to do D: so unfair!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

First 1000

Sometime last night, my blog got it's first 1000 pageview! Well I'm excited for making my first 4 digit figures now, so that something to celebrate about. I may not be much, but its something so I thank you readers! Tomorrow is almost here people!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Granado Espada Online Grand Opening!

The release of Granado Espada Online (NA) v.10.23.4 is soon to come! This amazing MMORPG has been around for many years and a new publisher has stepped up to continue to bring even more years of original game-play. Brought to you by T3Fun, the start of more demon-bashing and and costume wearing will have its grand opening on January 9, 2013 8:00pm EST.

Some things to expect are: 
Use the same original but unique interface of Multiple Character Control (MCC). Use up to three characters at once to maximize the power of your team.

The introduction of 13 new RUPCs from the electrifying devastation of Beatrice, to the chilling bite of Ion to the burning destruction of little Ludin and the extraordinary strength of Grandies.

With the new characters and the old, enjoy the new quests to follow-up on and finally take down the master villain, Montoro and right the wrongs he has bestowed on the New World. 

Defeat Montoro with access to the Strata Devil Weapon and Armor Series and unleash some mayhem goodness while looking dashingly pro with the top fashions.

So if you haven't signed up, what are you waiting for?! Go download the new client, level up and experience the New World with all it's glory. There are links to the site on the right panel and will provide more info at your convenience. I wish you the best of luck on your GE adventure! 

I do not own any of the images and are for decorative/informative purposes. Credits go to the rightful owners.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Thee 80 Questions

I’ve seen a couple other bloggers post one of these so I wanted do one too, lets get started :D Talking in future tense too, some things are soon to be released.

1. What is your Family name?

2. What GE-version/server do you play on?

3. What is your familylevel and how many characters do you have?

57 with 71 characters
4. What faction are you in? (If any) What is your alliance? (Royalist/Republican/Neutral)

5. How long have you played GE?
5+ years.

6. How did you start playing GE?
I believe I stumbled upon it years ago while searching for new games to play. I know I played way before Sword 2 of Gamersfirst, but don’t rememeber who was the publisher at that time.
7. How did you come up with your Family name?

I love making up names! At the timing of making it there were things I was thinking about that made the parts. The “de” comes from De Lancret, the mother’s last name in Ever After with Drew Barrymore. “Leau” is derived from “beau”, French for beautiful~masculine (also boyfriend, lover) but I was thinking “lets change it up a bit” so I switch the B with an L. “vier” from the sounds of chevalier, a name I used a couple times on other mmorpg games and that’s how my family name was created. Pronounced “dee-low-vee-aye” :D

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Pixlr Creation

This was what I made on pixlr editor. This is what my previous post said about the background I couldn't work in, so I thought I'd share it anyways.

Black is not Whack

     So what do you know? Seems black seemed a bit better for the site this time around. Had to change it because the original picture background I was going to put wasn't working out so had to go more simple with the side characters (yes, quality is not so good, but not sure how to make it better..).

     Also, today was the start of T3Fun's Granado Espada's countdown to being opened to the public. The final moments in Sword 2 seemed to get sadder with each moment but at the same time anticipation took hold. However, The Sword 2 Heart Attack surprised many players who could of easily formed a very vicious riot on G1/IMC in 0 to 60 seconds.

     A misunderstanding of the game's "Cabinet" being deleted unless retrieved within 20 mintues of total shutdown was misinterpreted as the Leonardo Express Storage. It was quickly corrected as the cabinet tab of the Market Manager. That was a complete dodge of a bullet right there. I pretty much panicked, wondering how dafuq, was I going to move all my crap in such little time. I had already started emptying an alt when the correction was said -.-

     With the game out of commision for the week, I already got bored haha. Aside from surfing the internet, didnt do much today. Anyways, I'll get started on some projects in a bit and see about progress getting established.

     Oh! I found out I will be having a job within the month! More moeny for me :D 2013 has already begun it's blessings to me. I have had a good positive feeling ever since New Year's Eve. Getting a jewel dagger and an ELNr Fighter was the start of things go well already. Now I wait to see about my love life taking a turn for the better. Hope everyone else gets wonderful blessings as well! Granado Espada here we come!


Saturday, December 29, 2012


     So a new look for the site! Was looking more towards a lighter, brighter tone and what better versitile color is better than white. I remade the banner with the help of my old, good friend, Debehemot. We took screenshots in Lucifer's Accessway and to portray exactly what I had in mind. A mission briefing with my Kordeliya (Catherine T.) as the leader, to trudging forth over the brigde with the Castle as the target in light of the new version were are to get. The main page will get updated with another image I haven't started on so it will be empty for a little bit. Nevertheless, I was really happy with the turn out, even with the Explorer Pack rings being there, I would of edited it out, but it was super late when I was trying to finish, so patience was not on my side, but heyyyy December is almost over, so transfer here we come.
     Almost completed the first chapter of my story and soon may have an illustrator for it, so only time will tell. Like I said previously, laziness can be the biggest creeper of life (didn't really say that verbatim but you know...its just bad XD)

Hope everyone has enjoyed their holidays so far and that the new year brings lots of goodies!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tick Tock

So the days are dwendling down and I'm excited! Sword 2 will be moved to T3fun in a few weeks and I just created my accounts already with somehow someone already having my main account name. If anyone has had this, you can understand how annoying that is, especially when the name was completely made up -.-

This week is the final week for the Alphabet event boxes to drop and the npc and kiosk will be gone by the 26th so I'm on strict afk duty this week lol. Hoping to get one more mecha weapon by the end of this and then its back to vesping a couple more characters and rune farming while the termination countdown continues.

Semester finals are almost over and a possible job is in my sights so life may be a little easier soon. Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays and the spirit that lingers everywhere. I've somewhat been inspired to continue my GE story (which was never shared in the first place, I still haven't even figured the title for it yet XD), so if I can actually work on it when I'm in the mood, I could get a good chunck of it to you readers...even though laziness creeps up on me whenever it feels like, its how I never get anything I actually wanna do done!! >o< stupid lazy monster. Havent't posted in a while so thought it was good timing.


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Ship Will Set Sail Soon

     On November 1, 2012, G1 announced on the forums (here) of it's impending game transfer to a different publisher called T3Fun. When I pass by my computer (in afk mode) I saw someone make a vague comment about the accounts. I didnt think twice about until I did my daily night skim on the forums. I totally didn't expect this. With all the really mean/offensive comments that have been going on for the past months now, the speculation of an actual transfer now reigned true. It's sad to admit it. I for one did my best to ignore the poeple who continously QQ'd every god damn time they could.
     Yeah, G1 was annoying people with the shady antics, but I couldn' feel any hate to them and kept rooting for them in my head. I avoided replying to comments, knowing dam well if I did I would be made a target and have killer replies on my post, as I have seen other's practically eaten alive for sharing their thoughts. It is sad to see G1 go, I really don't think they had the ability to fix anything as fast as they would want to, but only those who work with them can really vouch what specific details went on.
     Come next January, we now know we are going to get the content we have patiently (really didnt have a choice...) waited for. I can't wait to get my hands on the new characters. Beatrice and Ion are really excited to meet their new Dadday!

    As for now, the event's still run, with Veronif and Cruz providing well earned EXP cards, Seeker of Knowledge raining letters and stupid Sierra The Witch effortlessly draining them from our inventories. Taking advantage of them are happy days for many people stocking up on the essentials and getting items they otherwise would not even bother looking at (yes, being broke is a disease currently getting controlled treatment!).
     I just turned Family Level 54 and hoping to get another or two levels with just the cards. Otherwise I would vesp all the experts I vesped a while back to master and save the cards for my precious babies to come. I have been entangled with school as many of us have and figuring out the next steps for life while juggling work, friends, family, and of course GE (G1 really should of kept this name from the get-go). I plan to redesign the page soon. I'm still out of a good computer -.- but that may change soon (I'm sure praying it does!). Till next time.

pics by Animove from sGE

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sweet Dreams

Sword 2 seems to get a little bit of love from the events that have been going on, which can be found on their forums. I'm glad to say I feel like I have taken another step in my Sword career. The Seeker of Knowledge has let us get some good items normally much harder to get while we just need to afk and open alphabet boxes to make a word. There has been much complaining and commenting on behalf of G1. Some have their points and some I just feel are complaining for the fun of it. No one is ever happy with anything. Hopefully people can avoid the disrespect and just take some free stuff and be happy with it.

Granado Espada SGE has been getting updated and currently is v10.18. Apparently they will be testing Bristia patch soon. No word has been said about Sword 2 getting their update, which has been making many people irritable that we are getting left behind. The event seemed to make us forget about it for a little while, but the topic of patching is slowly resurfacing, which I would actually want to know for sure as speculation for patch is December 2012 and hopefully not after. When we do get patch I'm sure all will be well, I know I will. I can finally get the new characters everyone else will be wanting. According to SGE's forums, Veatrice's quest is no playground. Besides her quest, I wonder how my clan will work a schedule to help each other get them done. Maybe it will be in the time of Winter/Christmas break and everyone will have lots of free time to coordinate and with luck manage a successful run on the first time.

If I'm not the only one to have Sword 2 on the brain mostly all the time, you probably had a dream about before. I most definitely did last night!
     It was in a castle/boarding school and I was looking through the eyes of human Catherine Torsche and switching back forth between her and female Elementalist. Apparently me and some other characters are trying to run for our lives from Helena who has been possessed by Arsene and going on a killing spree with FTM. I remember hiding in a classroom (Torsche mode) behind a desk with Elementalist and Male Scout and seeing the shadows in the hallway through the open door. Screams were vibrating through the wall. Helena blasted Adelina, who was looking for us. A sabre was whistling through the air and land straight in front of the open door. We heard footsteps approaching and began to panic. There was an open window behind us and without thinking I went over the ledge and the others followed. We climbed for dear life under the window sill.
     We heard Helena enter the room and the furniture began crashing into each other. There was quiet and I suddenly began to smell perfume. We all held our breathe. I looked up and there she was! Her eyes were glowing red and her smile kept shifting to super serious to freaking demonic! Her head popped back in and her steps were fading. In the distance I could see the iron gate to make our escape. We were about five stories high and with nothing to break our fall. We had to get out before she spotted us. Scout then pointed to the vine fence about seven windows from us. We nodded and quickly treaded the ledge over to the fence. We climbed down safely and began to run across the large courtyard. The double doors across from the classroom we were at suddenly opened, glass flying every which way.
      Helena spotted me first and took aim. The others hide behind a pillar and I struggled to dodge her fireballs. She was pinning me in against a wall. I did my best to maneuver around the pillars in the encircling arch way, but she was getting closer. (Elementalist mode) Catherine would be done for if I don’t do anything. I waited for the right positioning and began chanting. My meteor strike came down straight on Helena. Her dress all burned up, the hair pin fell out and her hair dropped. She looked at me now and began running towards me. I immediately flung into the air and summoned the abyss flare. I made the mistake of not doing this first and she was closing in, way too fast for my abyss to finish. She suddenly dropped to her knees and yelled in pain. A dagger was protruding from her side. She then looked up and Arsene’s image filled the air, leaving her body.
     She collapsed and scout rushed in to heal her. I scurried to Catherine who was lying the floor. Her leg got burnt in the middle of her dodging. I helped her up and swung her arm over shoulder. We heard running feet coming towards the broken double doors. Female Musk and Crazy Emilia popped up and joined us. They informed us that something else was coming. Helena got her feet with a very confused look on her face. But Scout just said “We’ll explain on the way”. And everyone bolted for the gate and then I woke up o.o

Pretty cool right! Well gotta get back to studying now, till next post!