Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Black is not Whack

     So what do you know? Seems black seemed a bit better for the site this time around. Had to change it because the original picture background I was going to put wasn't working out so had to go more simple with the side characters (yes, quality is not so good, but not sure how to make it better..).

     Also, today was the start of T3Fun's Granado Espada's countdown to being opened to the public. The final moments in Sword 2 seemed to get sadder with each moment but at the same time anticipation took hold. However, The Sword 2 Heart Attack surprised many players who could of easily formed a very vicious riot on G1/IMC in 0 to 60 seconds.

     A misunderstanding of the game's "Cabinet" being deleted unless retrieved within 20 mintues of total shutdown was misinterpreted as the Leonardo Express Storage. It was quickly corrected as the cabinet tab of the Market Manager. That was a complete dodge of a bullet right there. I pretty much panicked, wondering how dafuq, was I going to move all my crap in such little time. I had already started emptying an alt when the correction was said -.-

     With the game out of commision for the week, I already got bored haha. Aside from surfing the internet, didnt do much today. Anyways, I'll get started on some projects in a bit and see about progress getting established.

     Oh! I found out I will be having a job within the month! More moeny for me :D 2013 has already begun it's blessings to me. I have had a good positive feeling ever since New Year's Eve. Getting a jewel dagger and an ELNr Fighter was the start of things go well already. Now I wait to see about my love life taking a turn for the better. Hope everyone else gets wonderful blessings as well! Granado Espada here we come!


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