Saturday, December 29, 2012


     So a new look for the site! Was looking more towards a lighter, brighter tone and what better versitile color is better than white. I remade the banner with the help of my old, good friend, Debehemot. We took screenshots in Lucifer's Accessway and to portray exactly what I had in mind. A mission briefing with my Kordeliya (Catherine T.) as the leader, to trudging forth over the brigde with the Castle as the target in light of the new version were are to get. The main page will get updated with another image I haven't started on so it will be empty for a little bit. Nevertheless, I was really happy with the turn out, even with the Explorer Pack rings being there, I would of edited it out, but it was super late when I was trying to finish, so patience was not on my side, but heyyyy December is almost over, so transfer here we come.
     Almost completed the first chapter of my story and soon may have an illustrator for it, so only time will tell. Like I said previously, laziness can be the biggest creeper of life (didn't really say that verbatim but you know...its just bad XD)

Hope everyone has enjoyed their holidays so far and that the new year brings lots of goodies!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tick Tock

So the days are dwendling down and I'm excited! Sword 2 will be moved to T3fun in a few weeks and I just created my accounts already with somehow someone already having my main account name. If anyone has had this, you can understand how annoying that is, especially when the name was completely made up -.-

This week is the final week for the Alphabet event boxes to drop and the npc and kiosk will be gone by the 26th so I'm on strict afk duty this week lol. Hoping to get one more mecha weapon by the end of this and then its back to vesping a couple more characters and rune farming while the termination countdown continues.

Semester finals are almost over and a possible job is in my sights so life may be a little easier soon. Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays and the spirit that lingers everywhere. I've somewhat been inspired to continue my GE story (which was never shared in the first place, I still haven't even figured the title for it yet XD), so if I can actually work on it when I'm in the mood, I could get a good chunck of it to you readers...even though laziness creeps up on me whenever it feels like, its how I never get anything I actually wanna do done!! >o< stupid lazy monster. Havent't posted in a while so thought it was good timing.


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Ship Will Set Sail Soon

     On November 1, 2012, G1 announced on the forums (here) of it's impending game transfer to a different publisher called T3Fun. When I pass by my computer (in afk mode) I saw someone make a vague comment about the accounts. I didnt think twice about until I did my daily night skim on the forums. I totally didn't expect this. With all the really mean/offensive comments that have been going on for the past months now, the speculation of an actual transfer now reigned true. It's sad to admit it. I for one did my best to ignore the poeple who continously QQ'd every god damn time they could.
     Yeah, G1 was annoying people with the shady antics, but I couldn' feel any hate to them and kept rooting for them in my head. I avoided replying to comments, knowing dam well if I did I would be made a target and have killer replies on my post, as I have seen other's practically eaten alive for sharing their thoughts. It is sad to see G1 go, I really don't think they had the ability to fix anything as fast as they would want to, but only those who work with them can really vouch what specific details went on.
     Come next January, we now know we are going to get the content we have patiently (really didnt have a choice...) waited for. I can't wait to get my hands on the new characters. Beatrice and Ion are really excited to meet their new Dadday!

    As for now, the event's still run, with Veronif and Cruz providing well earned EXP cards, Seeker of Knowledge raining letters and stupid Sierra The Witch effortlessly draining them from our inventories. Taking advantage of them are happy days for many people stocking up on the essentials and getting items they otherwise would not even bother looking at (yes, being broke is a disease currently getting controlled treatment!).
     I just turned Family Level 54 and hoping to get another or two levels with just the cards. Otherwise I would vesp all the experts I vesped a while back to master and save the cards for my precious babies to come. I have been entangled with school as many of us have and figuring out the next steps for life while juggling work, friends, family, and of course GE (G1 really should of kept this name from the get-go). I plan to redesign the page soon. I'm still out of a good computer -.- but that may change soon (I'm sure praying it does!). Till next time.

pics by Animove from sGE

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sweet Dreams

Sword 2 seems to get a little bit of love from the events that have been going on, which can be found on their forums. I'm glad to say I feel like I have taken another step in my Sword career. The Seeker of Knowledge has let us get some good items normally much harder to get while we just need to afk and open alphabet boxes to make a word. There has been much complaining and commenting on behalf of G1. Some have their points and some I just feel are complaining for the fun of it. No one is ever happy with anything. Hopefully people can avoid the disrespect and just take some free stuff and be happy with it.

Granado Espada SGE has been getting updated and currently is v10.18. Apparently they will be testing Bristia patch soon. No word has been said about Sword 2 getting their update, which has been making many people irritable that we are getting left behind. The event seemed to make us forget about it for a little while, but the topic of patching is slowly resurfacing, which I would actually want to know for sure as speculation for patch is December 2012 and hopefully not after. When we do get patch I'm sure all will be well, I know I will. I can finally get the new characters everyone else will be wanting. According to SGE's forums, Veatrice's quest is no playground. Besides her quest, I wonder how my clan will work a schedule to help each other get them done. Maybe it will be in the time of Winter/Christmas break and everyone will have lots of free time to coordinate and with luck manage a successful run on the first time.

If I'm not the only one to have Sword 2 on the brain mostly all the time, you probably had a dream about before. I most definitely did last night!
     It was in a castle/boarding school and I was looking through the eyes of human Catherine Torsche and switching back forth between her and female Elementalist. Apparently me and some other characters are trying to run for our lives from Helena who has been possessed by Arsene and going on a killing spree with FTM. I remember hiding in a classroom (Torsche mode) behind a desk with Elementalist and Male Scout and seeing the shadows in the hallway through the open door. Screams were vibrating through the wall. Helena blasted Adelina, who was looking for us. A sabre was whistling through the air and land straight in front of the open door. We heard footsteps approaching and began to panic. There was an open window behind us and without thinking I went over the ledge and the others followed. We climbed for dear life under the window sill.
     We heard Helena enter the room and the furniture began crashing into each other. There was quiet and I suddenly began to smell perfume. We all held our breathe. I looked up and there she was! Her eyes were glowing red and her smile kept shifting to super serious to freaking demonic! Her head popped back in and her steps were fading. In the distance I could see the iron gate to make our escape. We were about five stories high and with nothing to break our fall. We had to get out before she spotted us. Scout then pointed to the vine fence about seven windows from us. We nodded and quickly treaded the ledge over to the fence. We climbed down safely and began to run across the large courtyard. The double doors across from the classroom we were at suddenly opened, glass flying every which way.
      Helena spotted me first and took aim. The others hide behind a pillar and I struggled to dodge her fireballs. She was pinning me in against a wall. I did my best to maneuver around the pillars in the encircling arch way, but she was getting closer. (Elementalist mode) Catherine would be done for if I don’t do anything. I waited for the right positioning and began chanting. My meteor strike came down straight on Helena. Her dress all burned up, the hair pin fell out and her hair dropped. She looked at me now and began running towards me. I immediately flung into the air and summoned the abyss flare. I made the mistake of not doing this first and she was closing in, way too fast for my abyss to finish. She suddenly dropped to her knees and yelled in pain. A dagger was protruding from her side. She then looked up and Arsene’s image filled the air, leaving her body.
     She collapsed and scout rushed in to heal her. I scurried to Catherine who was lying the floor. Her leg got burnt in the middle of her dodging. I helped her up and swung her arm over shoulder. We heard running feet coming towards the broken double doors. Female Musk and Crazy Emilia popped up and joined us. They informed us that something else was coming. Helena got her feet with a very confused look on her face. But Scout just said “We’ll explain on the way”. And everyone bolted for the gate and then I woke up o.o

Pretty cool right! Well gotta get back to studying now, till next post!


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Still Alive!

So still without my own computer…>.< but been using the parent’s laptop when they aren’t using it. Turns out the battery running out was what made it turn off like that *facepalm*. I kept forgetting the plug was out haha.

Yesterday, I was able to get to clan raid of Black Wraith in Lucifer. We spent about an hour and half to two hours killing the thing. But it didn’t feel boring and we had good teamwork. It was new for me, so the surprises that happen were… well surprising :D

The past week I pretty much skipped my dailies. They are getting quite boring when I think about it but that’s only because I started a Citadel of the Gods pass and vesped every night. Got family level another rank, currently at level 53+2. Woot Woot. So while doing that I dedicated most of my time to that, to get the most out of my 7 day pass. Will update my character list soon.

Still awaiting 10.6 patch, but my best friend, Cast^^ has got me into GW2. So when I get my new computer (Hearing my answer for a job in the next couple days!) I most likely will play with him as soon as I do, hoping not to leave Sword 2 like many other people has haha. (most likely for realz perma afk. Get on to do little stuff and raids). I’m hoping the name I came up with has been taken. That would suck big cohunes!

Other things would be, got my +6 Jewel Ice Bracer life mod, so I can cross that off the list. Did Catherine Torsche quest on 3rd alt as it seems that the robot catherines will only get expert stance as one per family/account. >.> seriously? ... So when the time comes I plan to get the 4th and maybe 5th alt the books as well, depends on how I like them, which I probably will haha. Just more work, ~lazy (but I want to be the awesome one so yea XD)

Hoping to get all I wanted done soon in-game and in real life. To make complete racial sets, get ELN modded and much other stuff maybe will be done sooner than I thought.


Monday, August 6, 2012

It Died.

So out of the luck I computer crashed. T,T. So yeah, not happy. I am reduced to perms afk basically, until I can get a new one or my uncle can see about salvaging it. I'd like to use my mother's but it happens to overheat easily, so I'm avoided getting blame for another computer having problems( if anything could happen through that (not worth the stress).
Classes are going to start up soon and a certain class requirement I need is really Hey you alright? Not having a profile anymore? my buttons. Plus the not having a job is making everything much more difficult. Seems like some had des ions are gonna have to be made. I will miss the activity of Sword 2 alot, so posting may slack a little..gahh

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sistah Gurl Got It!

Image found on Blue
So browsing around the web, all minding my own business and what not, when
that hit me.

<--- AHHHHH! THAT HAIR IS GORGEOUS! I recently read a thread on the gamersfirst forum with photoshopped ideas of hairstyles for Veatrice. Seeing that one exist and will be on mine in the future made my day. MADE IT! I'm super excited. Plus the summer swimsuit costume is a definate new look from her covered up one and the fact the only other UPC that has one is Grace. Mary gets one too, but who cares!!!! It's Veatrices moment of absinian glory!

Anywho, Saturday was very enjoyable, compared to the last few weeks. My and the family participated in Legion Wars again, and got Lvl 4 Mercenary Lieutenant title, granting 4% atk, 4 Def/Res, and 1200 Hp. Would of maybe got level 5 but miss some time last LW... stupid mall.

A very generous clanmate of mine gave his Flare Ring. :D I'm able to make Augury Stance ring, so that made me really happy. Thank You Glic! <3

On Sunday, the clan went to Clocktower. It's been a while and it seems we'll be doing it more often now. Just another way to stack up on alchemy items and chips. Gotta love it. Aslo did clan raids, which have continously been postpone from lack of active players on raid time or other XD Sadly, didnt get any symbols, which I was hoping for...just a couple of shiny chests and lvl 100 equips. 

Before I went to afk for the day, I went through my storage and rememebr I still had an 92e Elite Steel of Resonance Pistol  >_>  <_<  >_>. We got's 92 chips. Some Lesser Sedatives. Why not? So glad I did, results... 

 This should suffice above average in the arsenal till some 32/33ar Pistols come around \o/ Will upgrade soon...whenever that will be haha

Monday, July 23, 2012

Anime-niac I

Sailor Moon
>This amazing anime is said to becoming back to U.S. television on the under Toonami Productions. This should happen by next year and confirmation that the original voice of Serana "Sailor Moon" will be the same voice actor before it got cancel those years ago. It's really awesome that the voice will be the same, cause it's one that I really liked, hopefully everyone else's doesn't get screwed over (Was watching the latest season of winx club on cartoon network on those voices got JACKED UP! I couldn't even finished the episode...).
     Here's two video's which have become one of my fave SM vid's. In the first one is from the SM Super season, you'll notice how Sailor Moon at the end fires her tiara without a action sequence. I would kill to see everyone be able to attack like that. Having mars's fire appearing out of freaking nowhere,  mercury's water gushing from the an invisblie partol, jupiter's lightning cackling from the sky. Yes. I very much approve.
 The second one is the listing of top dramatic deaths, which I agree to be pretty accurate on the episodes. I always get a punch feeling when I see Serena's Mirrow break and Neptune's was just so... talk about determination. I cried for her. Enjoy. *spoiler alert if you have not seen all episodes and/or the last season which was never dubbed*

>Second topic is again about SM, but to mention how a very talented, stefanolattanzio, who ingeniously made his own version of "Supreme Sailor Scouts". I completely adore his work and love spreading his name around. The name "supreme" is dead-on original and creativie but still get the sense of what SM is about. The new and improved. The scouts now wear a space-futuristic like style to their uniforms and he has included a female Sailor Earth. Pretty cool. Watching videos in german/italian...Orgasmic. Heres a video to get your attention, follow the link above to his channel and view his other correlating work.

Link to his artwork on Deviant Art

CoPD: The Sword

This appeared in episode 9. It's ability is that it can cut through anything and give the user expert swordsman skills. When trying to capture it, the Sword possesed one of her classmate's making it harder to get it without hurting her friend. A very violent and powerful card indeed.
In a tarot reading The Sword card symbolizes strive towards a goal, quest for truth (violent persona)

Synopsis: Cardcaptors is an anime about a girl named Sakura who happen to find a magical book which held powerful enitities in the form of "Clow Cards". After opening the book the cards flew out the window and into the surronding town, now she has to go and retrieve them before their mischevous antics go wild. She learns about Clow Reed, the man who created the cards and finding her inner power while being a trying to get through the fourth grade ^^ 


It's nearing now a week since the Experience Event has been over and was able to get reach my goal of Family Level 52. The week after, I used another 7 Day Master Explorer Pack and continued to AFK level in Bahamar Ancient Area. While that happened, farmed me some Old Chess piecee's and Snails Shells and crafted a couple Chess Greatsword and Serpent Pistols. Plan to do mass upgrade/enchant when I get some gold in.

As the event finished, I became more afk-y and began to miss vesping while watching anime. It was just somethind to do and always felt like a must do in the period instead now, even with the experinece boost from the pack still bringing in a good rate there was no motivation to even get on. All I pictured was my head replace with the forever alone head and staring at the screen : /

Anyways I am happy that I got 4 quarters now with just Master level characters. The kids who got leveled were:

Angyeal : M-Ele : Master 10
Vynchessah : F-Ele : Master 10
Rexynos : STF : Master 10
Rynalldi : Ralph : Master 10
Hymerah : Adelina : Master 1
Kaiyede : Grenmah : Master 1
Bathylda : Cath INT : Master 1
Anastayshia : Brunie : Master 1
Severyn : F-Wiz : Master 1
Methuyzelah : Selva : Master 1
Horaytion : Eduardo : Master 1
Gaspard : Garcia : Master 1
Feylix : Najib : Master 1
Midory : Lisa :Master 1
Charlytte : Claire : Master 1
Lehvynosa : M-Wiz : Master 1
Hysiao : Lorch : Master 1
Ezykiel : Coimbra Trooper : Master 1
Iryna : Cath DEX : Master 1
Deklynn : Gracielo : Expert 3
Hymerris : Irawain : Expert 1
Javyheir : Andre : Expert 1

~Pat on the back to me :D

Apparently in coming patches of 10.16 and 10.19 a nerf on FtM and Elemental Lord Stance and the use of Darkness skills will be installed. The stances nerf may do some major strategy reconstructions as they are one the most prized damage dealers in Raids and Leveling alike. Sucks major. The feature of Darkness as PvE as well as PvP is something to look forward to now making the stance more useful on rendevous across Sword.
In-depth information of both instances can be found from Ashardolon's Blog Posts

Off-Topic: I found a new kitten, she's a gray tabby with white paws (cuteeeee)>*,*< ! Her name is.... Misses Puff XD, her belly is round (hope she's not sick) so that's the basis of the hilarious name. She's super cute and loves to be loved, though she is quiet and doesnt bother anyone which is super great to have unlike my white calico, Neno, this fool is like on 10 jumbo Pixie Sticks majority of the time (he has the nerve to jump on people's laptops! Repeatedly!). The oldest one is Shadow, she's a darker tabby, who basically doesn't like to be touched haha. She bascially says "I'm over here and you're over there, so let's keep it that way" and lots of sas every now and then. I love em all, just thought I'd share that.

Today is the first day I will also start anime topics! Something entertaining for me and every other anime-niac other there. It'll be like two (a post *Not including CoPD) mentionings of my favorite animes and new ones I've looked past and find interesting. Posts will have continous statements of a certain anime from post to post such as my all-time fave Sailormoon and it's topics and Cardcaptor's "Card of the Post-Day" ( this is CoPD ^^ ).


Monday, July 9, 2012

Disco Pose!

Heavy leveling still happening in Citadel of the Gods. Got Feylix(Najib) and Methuyzaleh(Selva) to Master.

Methuyzaleh is excited after getting her costume, then a jewel sword, the AR mod on her glove, and now Master level. All there is her expert stance <3 Feylix posing with Sultan Costume, a new +7 Angel Rifle and freshly maxed Flintlock stance. Coincidentally it matched really well.
Anyways got three other characters AFK leveling while farming OCP's. Got enough to make another Chess GS and hope to get a lot more by the end of the Master Packs.
Kinda having trouble figuring out the teams to level next. Speed and Damage are factors that are getting so annoying to get decent sessions. Instead of one sitting a day for one full Master, I made a goal of at least Expert lvl 5 as the minimum for a round. With the teams, I'm seeing if I can work in 2 experts and Vynchessah (Elementalist), getting more of the kids done by trying to use them. Vynchessah also got Master lvl 10 100%! That's 3! Count 'em 3! :O

Nothing really else to comment on. Server seems to get more empty each day. There's NO broads at nighttime anymore. well barely. But maybe next post there be something more interesting to write about.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Exp Event

On Sword 2 G1 officials granted us 2 weeks of Exp +50%, Stance Exp +50%, and Drop Rate +30 Bonus Event! This is basically the only time to do active leveling and abuse the hell out of the event. So trying to set my mentality on leveling as many characters as I can. I never like vesping, but by single killing with a side of anime, I'm barely pushing through :D I managed to get MY FIRST & SECOND MASTER LVL-10 100% \o/ I was excited and leveled two to Master from Exp 5 and 8. Making progress...

I've been working on a little piece that based on the one and only Granado Espada, but I've already lost focus a day after I began outlining lol With the event I dont think I'll have time to continue, hopefully during or even after the event I continue working on it agian. Thats if I still have my motivation/inspiration...sigh, I tend to lose that alot in my projects that are meant to go for long periods. As you can see I haven't said what it is, cause it's still in the works, so I want it to be ready for all my visitors to see.

Besides that nothing else is worth mentioning, the server has gotten really boring...

Auf Wiedersehen :D

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Costume Contest

Lately, I’ve had a revelation to obtain full racial sets of weapons I plan to be using with the new patch coming up on Sword 2. I’ve gotten a few and currently farming to make some 32 AR weapons and later chip myself. This process is tedious and very annoying when you just wish everything was already with you. However patience is vital trait when it comes to this, so good luck to me…>.>

Recently, I got to Family Level 51! Remember when you were a lowbie (your much higher now) the thought of getting to this point never even crossed your mind , all you wanted to do was to get a good modification on your pioneer gear >__<  Good times!

Item Collection for 10.6 patch is very close to complete. My first set is basically complete. I’m working on the 2nd sets of items atm.  2x Ludin/Ion/Veatrice will be fun! >:D

The full checklist was generously provided by Ashardalon which is linked below:
-My weekly figures will now be a bit more random  as it will depend on content of how much has happened or if I’m not too lazy to write stuffs XD

Also a contest which finished June 24, 2012 occurred on the Gamersfirst forum. It was to draw on original piece of costume design under the theme of "punk" and its sub-genres. I entered this and was just the thing to help me break out my fashion skills and I think my drawings came out very well. I wasn't the lucky winner but I got an artistic mentioned which means my name has been recognized *o*. The Catherine Piece got the mentioning, here check them out... 

Catherine Torsche In Post-Apocalyptic Punk :Tactile de La'raigne~Touch of the Spider
Detail Explaination: Bodice is a white one sleeved top paired with a seperate arm sleeve. The black chest strap is attached to the shorts and braced by the buckle and web-like straps that connect to the back clasps. the scarf has web design as well and a spider sits on the top of the wrapped-stocking. The hair is of long side bangs with 2 braided rolls pined up on the lower neck and back of the head.

Female Elementalist in Steampunk : Le Raison detre du Pendule~The Pendulum's Purpose
Detail Explaination: Belly of Corset is enlarged in the middle sporting a Clockwork-type stomach. The same motif is included in the fifth section of skirt. The dress has a little inspiration of the theater with the bust being the balconies with curtains right under for the belly as the stage. Bottom hem is made of lace, section above lace is a shiny metal mesh and the hair is an intricate updo-chignon paired with chandelier/teardrop earrings. Other jewelry is the web necklace chained on the collar and gold bead bracelet

Monday, July 2, 2012

Sabatical? Over.

Hello readers, I apologize for not being on. School has ended and just got caught in not having to worry about anything (for the time being) but you will see more of the show very soon, I'll update as often as I can and hopefully get more readers.  Maybe a new makeover of site, some add on's, finally finish my family list, even start on the stories I've been meaning to work on, maybe some fashion. Figure Posts will stop getting published and game updates will appear as normal posts. So we'll just see what the future will hold and thank you for those who visit.
Tata for now^^

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Figure VI

Wow. I've missed two figure without noticing. Lately I've been really busy...ugh I'd rather be working than school!!! Aside from the procrastination ending with cramming at last minute, I have gotten some thigns done on Sword =3 I was able to make my second Enhance Tactics Ring, finally, and can feel the difference already. I got 10 of my Vets initially ranging from Vet 1-5, to Exp 1 and almost close to Family level 46. I wanna be 50 already!!! Just another goal on the list.

I missed the first weeks clan missions and almost missed the second one out of tiredness/don't-feel-like-it mood but did it anyways and got Symbol of Libra and Gemini and well as Taurus from Griffon.

Also I miss opportunities of Prison Raid thanks to missing Alliance Wars but this week I'll get some chances at Innocentio again.

Letizia Boxes has been on my mind and used up the 50x I had and still no Punisher Stance. I plan to get to afking in the Forests again after my Explorer Pack runs out. So I'm finishing up the rest of the lowbies to leveling at least to expert.

That's really about it that I can recall from memory. I can't wait till spring break. But watch, when one of my teachers plans to give me homework. WTF!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Figure V

Sorry I'm late on this post. Been distracted lately, and the first round of tests for school are a comin'. Sadly studying for them is hard... hard because I am not studying like I am suppose to >.< all i want to do is sleep!!
Sword has been taking up sometime that I should be productive with. I found myself idleing on the screen for a good hour, that was worth 2 classes of reviewing notes! curse you Sword 2!
     *There, there, I didn't mean it! I love you, its ok it ok, no ones going to hurt you!*strokes the computer*
Now you see this up there.  .o/
That's not normal.

Anyways, some nice aspects filled this week. I experted Hedayre (Leonelle), Eugyeal (2nd Grace), and Hysaio (Lorch). Finally. Was able to get some ESN code money to sell in-game and for my personal needs, and feel pretty adequate with restocking items and buying a couple new weapons. The ESA Armor I got a couple weeks ago, was being uber stubborn to getting to +7, so before I wasted more money, I traded my alt with the armor to upgrade and got it on the first time. I got my Dragon pistol and rifle and loving them! *they are so pertty* I haven't gotten great enchants on them but the pistol has atk and golem so its sufficing at the moment. In the near future I hope to get atk and AR. They got to +6 on the the first attempt as well. For the past couple days, I've been continuing the training of some Veterans.

Current Levels:
Astranymah (Helena) Vet. 5
Lehvynosa (M. Wizard) Vet. 4
Vladamiyr (Viki) Vet.6 -Apparently Viki is a girl, but I originally thought he/she was a boy, so that is what he will be from now on :P-
Kaiyede (Grenmah) Vet. 7
Havyrsian (Panfilo) Vet. 6
Midory (Lisa) Vet. 6
The leveling is in progress and who ever is leveled depends on the leveling spot I happen to get.

Sad thing is I don't even really like Helena all that much. She's just...there. Panfilo is cool, 
and I luvs treasure golem summon so many flying monsters

Clan Raids gifted us with a Symbol of Pisces and Libra while Griffon dropped Pisces. Sweet. Now I need Scorpios >.> ...

I'm expecting some new equips and characters from a good friend, so higher family level here I come ^^
Can't wait to be back to a more consistent posting. And even though its not alot, The couple a page-views I get a couple of days, bring some excitement for me. Someone's reading my sturff! ToT

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Figure IV

This week has been super slow. Interent has been going out at days at a time and has put a damper on afk leveling and active activities. Missed clan raids >.> not a happy camper. For the time I was able to get on, I was able to finish Castilla episode 1. That questline has been untouched since the update it came out with so I'm glad I got around to it. Got a few levels on some characters. Hedayre (Leonele) is now Vet. 8 and could of gotten to expert if wasn't for that meddling internet connection >.<. Hysiao (Lorch) is Vet. 10 so he's getting there. Started to level Midory (Lisa) Vet.1 so her side-quest should be started on pretty soon.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Duo Elementalist FTW!

Having a second elementalist has been pretty fun. Double aoeing is super cool to watch. The brother and sister, Angyeal (M. Ele) Expert 2 and Vynchessah (F. Ele) newly Master 2 have been bonding great and can't wait to obliterate on higher levels together. As Angyeal  is the little brother he has some catching up to do to get on his sister's level. Like I said, double Abyss Flares are a family's bestfriend. (What about three *_*?!)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Figure III

With the first week of another semester done, I am already ready for summer. Less time has been put into Sword 2, like predicted, but things still progress at a satisfied rate. In terms of leveling, before and after the experience event buff was removed Angyeal (M. Elementalist) got to Exp. 2 and I sacrificed two of the Pisces symbols I was saving to get and maxed out both Augury and Occultism. I'm super excited about this because I can Abyss Flare simultaneously now >:-). Even though he is a character you don't see everyday, the Capitane Costume+Hair and Blue Serpent are a step up to his Fugly wardrobe. He'll be pretty now. Getting him to master will be great since ill be able replace him with Vynchessah (F. Ele) from time to time. Heydare (Leonele) got to Vet. 6, sadly I recognized his coolness even in Outrage stance a little to late and missed out on getting him to expert with the event. Either I'll bring him out again and train, experience card him, or hope there be another event with the next patch as well with having Punisher Stance Book ready.  Hysiao (Lorch) got to Vet. 9 and Midory (Lisa) is Vet. 1. So I eventually will start her side-quests and see how she works in-game. Eugyeal (2nd Grace) is now Vet. 9 and helped level Midory in the Forgotten Areas. Eugyeal is was also a hand in helping *flashback*...

Doing my regular routine of what includes Skeleton Bounty Hunter Dungeon for Nest of Skeleton, Room of the dead Key. With Patroyva (Raven), Hymerah (Adelina), Virgilliya (Emilia G.) completing the run, we immediately go to the Nest and defeat the Skeleton Head very easily. However this day seemed like any regular day. The Frenzied Montoro has been spawn more frequently for us lately and killing him this time rewarded us with Montoro Skull Ring (FINALLY!). It really was a shock because after you get into the habit of doing it almost everyday with this rare item never showing up its just a get in and get out. Though when I looked at the loot on the floor, the names were bunched a with a little more items than usual. So I harvested and watch the list on the left side go up and there it was. I jumped out of my chair and freaked out. Some say its not a big deal but when it's something that you don't get everyday and is earned by your own efforts, it is a really good feeling. So we headed over to Ustiur Base Camp and gained Kaiyede (Grenmah). Eugyeal leveled her to Vet.1 and is now sitting in the barracks with the 3dr ESA armor from Figure II and has a new Dragon Fury Sword (32 AR GS) waiting to be chipped. :D

AND you wont believe it! After I received Kaiyeda, I took about a 3 day break from doing Skeleton Nest, as I already got what I came for. But by fluck, I decided to go in it again, only with the thought of the 92/96 chips I can get. Yet again, Frenzied Montoro dropped Skull ring O.O I was in disbelief to get it twice in a row. I wonder if anybody else has gotten this kind of luck? With a smile on my face I sent out broads for selling the ring and got a nice profit of 600m Vis. That made my day, as a couple hours before I missed out on a Sekhmet Clan Raid's 3rd roulette thanks to my mother but that's out the door now.

Speaking of Clan Raids, all of them were completed yet again and the only note-worthy items were some Rare Books and a Le Scarce for Musketeer. My first Le Scarce to date so that was intriguing.

So surprises here and there. Probably will get back to regular leveling when I can get an Explorer pack to use with some Tactic/Combat Manuals I've been saving. In the meantime back to Letizia Box Farming. >.> A pain it is when Elite Gluttony comes trudging down, but stacking up on them is my only hope for being the next one to get Punisher Stance Book. Wish me luck ;)

Friday, January 6, 2012

For the Future

I recently had the idea to put some of my creative talents to work online very soon. College is about to start so my time will be limited T_____T*curses* but hopefully I can get some done, starting with short profiles (continously be added on) of a Soap Opera of sorts featuring the Granado Espada characters and even new fashions I've been dwelling upon in my head. Hopefully I can get rid of this laziness and get my creative mojo back in full.

Figure II

So this week has been a bit weird. Lately I get the feeling that Sword 2 is not as fun anymore. I go on and do the same old thing, killing the same stupid boss, raging at numerous boxes, rushing raids with just total annihilation, and not seeing faster ways to get Vis without putting Vis in. However, this is just how I feel now and there will come that day where it feels good again to play with my favorite characters and chatting with the friends who deal with the same things I do. Deep down I love the game to death and wouldn't stop/quit for anything. Just seems like stepping away from the computer sometimes is more relaxing than being on. Just my on/off feeling lately.

So far this week has been about progressing. The combat and stance experience event that was suppose to be removed on 1/6/12 maintenance was left untouched which was good news for everyone. I was able to level up Horaytio (Eduardo) to Expert and max out Rapiere stance, Deklynn (Gracielo) maxed out Hapkido, Virgyllia (Emilia) maxed out Darkness and with Charlytte's (Claire) restat I switched over to Dexterity and bought and maxed out Tested Burst. For Charlytte I've been wanting to do that for forever and the new patch was the key to it, oh yea! Also got some Veterans up an running. Angyeal (M. Elementalist) is Vet. 9 and Eugyeal (2nd Grace) to Vet. 7. All in the span of 2-4 days for each character in Skeleton Ancient Area.

A promotion from last weekend distributed the Flamme Blanche Costume for Male Musk. and White Bone Frame Costume for Fighter. Flamme Blanche is now my new favorite. All I need are a pair of Dragon Pistols and Dragon Rifle *drool*.

Luck was with me this week as I was able to +3dr an Elite Schvalier Armor (30DR) and +7 Elite Le Blance Fighter (30DR) making me 2x ELB Fighter's in my arsenal. The ESA failed to +7 so have to wait for funds to come in before trying again.

This week's Bazzar Boxes: Quinzels Penderie VII dropped Les Cheveux D'eclatant Beaut Hair and Nana Artozeia for F. Elementalist, Trifolium Costume for Romina, Cattelya Costume for Helena and Raiden's Andel VII dropped the first appeareance of Angel Micheal's Blade(33ar) and Dragon Fury Pistol. I myself got my hands on Les Cheveux D'eclatant Beaut Hair and Nana Artozeia and lovin' it.Working to get Cattelya very soon.

Clan Raids were full of Lvl.100 equipment, recipes and Rare books but the only goodies were Symbols of Gemini and Taurus so its not too bad. Other than that, lets hope to get less junk and more for pew-pew ^^

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Grandice and Adriana

Found a little video on the web that demonstrates the two sexy damsels in Abertal. Hopefully I get my Castilla episodes done before they come out. Talk about another thing to add to the list of things to do :)

Check it out here,

Sunday, January 1, 2012

What Next?

So far, Granado Espada aka Sword of the New World aka Sword 2 are in multiple regions with different version numbers. Each one patiently waiting for their next patches, with Korea at the highest patch of v.10. You can't help but think what's going to happen after? What new content will be able to keep our attention till the next patch? What characters will everyone be trying to collect and master? This mmorpg has hold it's place in the gaming world, and I'm honored to be able to play it.

From where it all started...

And following after...