Sunday, January 29, 2012

Figure V

Sorry I'm late on this post. Been distracted lately, and the first round of tests for school are a comin'. Sadly studying for them is hard... hard because I am not studying like I am suppose to >.< all i want to do is sleep!!
Sword has been taking up sometime that I should be productive with. I found myself idleing on the screen for a good hour, that was worth 2 classes of reviewing notes! curse you Sword 2!
     *There, there, I didn't mean it! I love you, its ok it ok, no ones going to hurt you!*strokes the computer*
Now you see this up there.  .o/
That's not normal.

Anyways, some nice aspects filled this week. I experted Hedayre (Leonelle), Eugyeal (2nd Grace), and Hysaio (Lorch). Finally. Was able to get some ESN code money to sell in-game and for my personal needs, and feel pretty adequate with restocking items and buying a couple new weapons. The ESA Armor I got a couple weeks ago, was being uber stubborn to getting to +7, so before I wasted more money, I traded my alt with the armor to upgrade and got it on the first time. I got my Dragon pistol and rifle and loving them! *they are so pertty* I haven't gotten great enchants on them but the pistol has atk and golem so its sufficing at the moment. In the near future I hope to get atk and AR. They got to +6 on the the first attempt as well. For the past couple days, I've been continuing the training of some Veterans.

Current Levels:
Astranymah (Helena) Vet. 5
Lehvynosa (M. Wizard) Vet. 4
Vladamiyr (Viki) Vet.6 -Apparently Viki is a girl, but I originally thought he/she was a boy, so that is what he will be from now on :P-
Kaiyede (Grenmah) Vet. 7
Havyrsian (Panfilo) Vet. 6
Midory (Lisa) Vet. 6
The leveling is in progress and who ever is leveled depends on the leveling spot I happen to get.

Sad thing is I don't even really like Helena all that much. She's just...there. Panfilo is cool, 
and I luvs treasure golem summon so many flying monsters

Clan Raids gifted us with a Symbol of Pisces and Libra while Griffon dropped Pisces. Sweet. Now I need Scorpios >.> ...

I'm expecting some new equips and characters from a good friend, so higher family level here I come ^^
Can't wait to be back to a more consistent posting. And even though its not alot, The couple a page-views I get a couple of days, bring some excitement for me. Someone's reading my sturff! ToT

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