Saturday, January 21, 2012

Figure IV

This week has been super slow. Interent has been going out at days at a time and has put a damper on afk leveling and active activities. Missed clan raids >.> not a happy camper. For the time I was able to get on, I was able to finish Castilla episode 1. That questline has been untouched since the update it came out with so I'm glad I got around to it. Got a few levels on some characters. Hedayre (Leonele) is now Vet. 8 and could of gotten to expert if wasn't for that meddling internet connection >.<. Hysiao (Lorch) is Vet. 10 so he's getting there. Started to level Midory (Lisa) Vet.1 so her side-quest should be started on pretty soon.

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