Sunday, January 1, 2012

What Next?

So far, Granado Espada aka Sword of the New World aka Sword 2 are in multiple regions with different version numbers. Each one patiently waiting for their next patches, with Korea at the highest patch of v.10. You can't help but think what's going to happen after? What new content will be able to keep our attention till the next patch? What characters will everyone be trying to collect and master? This mmorpg has hold it's place in the gaming world, and I'm honored to be able to play it.

From where it all started...

And following after...










Up till now think of all the stances, the leveling, the costumes, the weapons, the armors, the hair, OH THE HAIR, how everything has advanced from patch to patch, don't you think that's incredible? I DO! I might as well have an organsm to how what will come in the future! Well maybe I'm going a little far with this but nobodies complaining \o/
Video is for presentation only. Credit goes to it's creator/original publisher.

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