Friday, January 6, 2012

Figure II

So this week has been a bit weird. Lately I get the feeling that Sword 2 is not as fun anymore. I go on and do the same old thing, killing the same stupid boss, raging at numerous boxes, rushing raids with just total annihilation, and not seeing faster ways to get Vis without putting Vis in. However, this is just how I feel now and there will come that day where it feels good again to play with my favorite characters and chatting with the friends who deal with the same things I do. Deep down I love the game to death and wouldn't stop/quit for anything. Just seems like stepping away from the computer sometimes is more relaxing than being on. Just my on/off feeling lately.

So far this week has been about progressing. The combat and stance experience event that was suppose to be removed on 1/6/12 maintenance was left untouched which was good news for everyone. I was able to level up Horaytio (Eduardo) to Expert and max out Rapiere stance, Deklynn (Gracielo) maxed out Hapkido, Virgyllia (Emilia) maxed out Darkness and with Charlytte's (Claire) restat I switched over to Dexterity and bought and maxed out Tested Burst. For Charlytte I've been wanting to do that for forever and the new patch was the key to it, oh yea! Also got some Veterans up an running. Angyeal (M. Elementalist) is Vet. 9 and Eugyeal (2nd Grace) to Vet. 7. All in the span of 2-4 days for each character in Skeleton Ancient Area.

A promotion from last weekend distributed the Flamme Blanche Costume for Male Musk. and White Bone Frame Costume for Fighter. Flamme Blanche is now my new favorite. All I need are a pair of Dragon Pistols and Dragon Rifle *drool*.

Luck was with me this week as I was able to +3dr an Elite Schvalier Armor (30DR) and +7 Elite Le Blance Fighter (30DR) making me 2x ELB Fighter's in my arsenal. The ESA failed to +7 so have to wait for funds to come in before trying again.

This week's Bazzar Boxes: Quinzels Penderie VII dropped Les Cheveux D'eclatant Beaut Hair and Nana Artozeia for F. Elementalist, Trifolium Costume for Romina, Cattelya Costume for Helena and Raiden's Andel VII dropped the first appeareance of Angel Micheal's Blade(33ar) and Dragon Fury Pistol. I myself got my hands on Les Cheveux D'eclatant Beaut Hair and Nana Artozeia and lovin' it.Working to get Cattelya very soon.

Clan Raids were full of Lvl.100 equipment, recipes and Rare books but the only goodies were Symbols of Gemini and Taurus so its not too bad. Other than that, lets hope to get less junk and more for pew-pew ^^

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