Sunday, February 12, 2012

Figure VI

Wow. I've missed two figure without noticing. Lately I've been really busy...ugh I'd rather be working than school!!! Aside from the procrastination ending with cramming at last minute, I have gotten some thigns done on Sword =3 I was able to make my second Enhance Tactics Ring, finally, and can feel the difference already. I got 10 of my Vets initially ranging from Vet 1-5, to Exp 1 and almost close to Family level 46. I wanna be 50 already!!! Just another goal on the list.

I missed the first weeks clan missions and almost missed the second one out of tiredness/don't-feel-like-it mood but did it anyways and got Symbol of Libra and Gemini and well as Taurus from Griffon.

Also I miss opportunities of Prison Raid thanks to missing Alliance Wars but this week I'll get some chances at Innocentio again.

Letizia Boxes has been on my mind and used up the 50x I had and still no Punisher Stance. I plan to get to afking in the Forests again after my Explorer Pack runs out. So I'm finishing up the rest of the lowbies to leveling at least to expert.

That's really about it that I can recall from memory. I can't wait till spring break. But watch, when one of my teachers plans to give me homework. WTF!

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