Saturday, December 29, 2012


     So a new look for the site! Was looking more towards a lighter, brighter tone and what better versitile color is better than white. I remade the banner with the help of my old, good friend, Debehemot. We took screenshots in Lucifer's Accessway and to portray exactly what I had in mind. A mission briefing with my Kordeliya (Catherine T.) as the leader, to trudging forth over the brigde with the Castle as the target in light of the new version were are to get. The main page will get updated with another image I haven't started on so it will be empty for a little bit. Nevertheless, I was really happy with the turn out, even with the Explorer Pack rings being there, I would of edited it out, but it was super late when I was trying to finish, so patience was not on my side, but heyyyy December is almost over, so transfer here we come.
     Almost completed the first chapter of my story and soon may have an illustrator for it, so only time will tell. Like I said previously, laziness can be the biggest creeper of life (didn't really say that verbatim but you know...its just bad XD)

Hope everyone has enjoyed their holidays so far and that the new year brings lots of goodies!

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