Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tick Tock

So the days are dwendling down and I'm excited! Sword 2 will be moved to T3fun in a few weeks and I just created my accounts already with somehow someone already having my main account name. If anyone has had this, you can understand how annoying that is, especially when the name was completely made up -.-

This week is the final week for the Alphabet event boxes to drop and the npc and kiosk will be gone by the 26th so I'm on strict afk duty this week lol. Hoping to get one more mecha weapon by the end of this and then its back to vesping a couple more characters and rune farming while the termination countdown continues.

Semester finals are almost over and a possible job is in my sights so life may be a little easier soon. Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays and the spirit that lingers everywhere. I've somewhat been inspired to continue my GE story (which was never shared in the first place, I still haven't even figured the title for it yet XD), so if I can actually work on it when I'm in the mood, I could get a good chunck of it to you readers...even though laziness creeps up on me whenever it feels like, its how I never get anything I actually wanna do done!! >o< stupid lazy monster. Havent't posted in a while so thought it was good timing.


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