Thursday, November 1, 2012

Ship Will Set Sail Soon

     On November 1, 2012, G1 announced on the forums (here) of it's impending game transfer to a different publisher called T3Fun. When I pass by my computer (in afk mode) I saw someone make a vague comment about the accounts. I didnt think twice about until I did my daily night skim on the forums. I totally didn't expect this. With all the really mean/offensive comments that have been going on for the past months now, the speculation of an actual transfer now reigned true. It's sad to admit it. I for one did my best to ignore the poeple who continously QQ'd every god damn time they could.
     Yeah, G1 was annoying people with the shady antics, but I couldn' feel any hate to them and kept rooting for them in my head. I avoided replying to comments, knowing dam well if I did I would be made a target and have killer replies on my post, as I have seen other's practically eaten alive for sharing their thoughts. It is sad to see G1 go, I really don't think they had the ability to fix anything as fast as they would want to, but only those who work with them can really vouch what specific details went on.
     Come next January, we now know we are going to get the content we have patiently (really didnt have a choice...) waited for. I can't wait to get my hands on the new characters. Beatrice and Ion are really excited to meet their new Dadday!

    As for now, the event's still run, with Veronif and Cruz providing well earned EXP cards, Seeker of Knowledge raining letters and stupid Sierra The Witch effortlessly draining them from our inventories. Taking advantage of them are happy days for many people stocking up on the essentials and getting items they otherwise would not even bother looking at (yes, being broke is a disease currently getting controlled treatment!).
     I just turned Family Level 54 and hoping to get another or two levels with just the cards. Otherwise I would vesp all the experts I vesped a while back to master and save the cards for my precious babies to come. I have been entangled with school as many of us have and figuring out the next steps for life while juggling work, friends, family, and of course GE (G1 really should of kept this name from the get-go). I plan to redesign the page soon. I'm still out of a good computer -.- but that may change soon (I'm sure praying it does!). Till next time.

pics by Animove from sGE

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