Monday, July 9, 2012

Disco Pose!

Heavy leveling still happening in Citadel of the Gods. Got Feylix(Najib) and Methuyzaleh(Selva) to Master.

Methuyzaleh is excited after getting her costume, then a jewel sword, the AR mod on her glove, and now Master level. All there is her expert stance <3 Feylix posing with Sultan Costume, a new +7 Angel Rifle and freshly maxed Flintlock stance. Coincidentally it matched really well.
Anyways got three other characters AFK leveling while farming OCP's. Got enough to make another Chess GS and hope to get a lot more by the end of the Master Packs.
Kinda having trouble figuring out the teams to level next. Speed and Damage are factors that are getting so annoying to get decent sessions. Instead of one sitting a day for one full Master, I made a goal of at least Expert lvl 5 as the minimum for a round. With the teams, I'm seeing if I can work in 2 experts and Vynchessah (Elementalist), getting more of the kids done by trying to use them. Vynchessah also got Master lvl 10 100%! That's 3! Count 'em 3! :O

Nothing really else to comment on. Server seems to get more empty each day. There's NO broads at nighttime anymore. well barely. But maybe next post there be something more interesting to write about.

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