Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sistah Gurl Got It!

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So browsing around the web, all minding my own business and what not, when
that hit me.

<--- AHHHHH! THAT HAIR IS GORGEOUS! I recently read a thread on the gamersfirst forum with photoshopped ideas of hairstyles for Veatrice. Seeing that one exist and will be on mine in the future made my day. MADE IT! I'm super excited. Plus the summer swimsuit costume is a definate new look from her covered up one and the fact the only other UPC that has one is Grace. Mary gets one too, but who cares!!!! It's Veatrices moment of absinian glory!

Anywho, Saturday was very enjoyable, compared to the last few weeks. My and the family participated in Legion Wars again, and got Lvl 4 Mercenary Lieutenant title, granting 4% atk, 4 Def/Res, and 1200 Hp. Would of maybe got level 5 but miss some time last LW... stupid mall.

A very generous clanmate of mine gave his Flare Ring. :D I'm able to make Augury Stance ring, so that made me really happy. Thank You Glic! <3

On Sunday, the clan went to Clocktower. It's been a while and it seems we'll be doing it more often now. Just another way to stack up on alchemy items and chips. Gotta love it. Aslo did clan raids, which have continously been postpone from lack of active players on raid time or other XD Sadly, didnt get any symbols, which I was hoping for...just a couple of shiny chests and lvl 100 equips. 

Before I went to afk for the day, I went through my storage and rememebr I still had an 92e Elite Steel of Resonance Pistol  >_>  <_<  >_>. We got's 92 chips. Some Lesser Sedatives. Why not? So glad I did, results... 

 This should suffice above average in the arsenal till some 32/33ar Pistols come around \o/ Will upgrade soon...whenever that will be haha

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