Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Costume Contest

Lately, I’ve had a revelation to obtain full racial sets of weapons I plan to be using with the new patch coming up on Sword 2. I’ve gotten a few and currently farming to make some 32 AR weapons and later chip myself. This process is tedious and very annoying when you just wish everything was already with you. However patience is vital trait when it comes to this, so good luck to me…>.>

Recently, I got to Family Level 51! Remember when you were a lowbie (your much higher now) the thought of getting to this point never even crossed your mind , all you wanted to do was to get a good modification on your pioneer gear >__<  Good times!

Item Collection for 10.6 patch is very close to complete. My first set is basically complete. I’m working on the 2nd sets of items atm.  2x Ludin/Ion/Veatrice will be fun! >:D

The full checklist was generously provided by Ashardalon which is linked below:
-My weekly figures will now be a bit more random  as it will depend on content of how much has happened or if I’m not too lazy to write stuffs XD

Also a contest which finished June 24, 2012 occurred on the Gamersfirst forum. It was to draw on original piece of costume design under the theme of "punk" and its sub-genres. I entered this and was just the thing to help me break out my fashion skills and I think my drawings came out very well. I wasn't the lucky winner but I got an artistic mentioned which means my name has been recognized *o*. The Catherine Piece got the mentioning, here check them out... 

Catherine Torsche In Post-Apocalyptic Punk :Tactile de La'raigne~Touch of the Spider
Detail Explaination: Bodice is a white one sleeved top paired with a seperate arm sleeve. The black chest strap is attached to the shorts and braced by the buckle and web-like straps that connect to the back clasps. the scarf has web design as well and a spider sits on the top of the wrapped-stocking. The hair is of long side bangs with 2 braided rolls pined up on the lower neck and back of the head.

Female Elementalist in Steampunk : Le Raison detre du Pendule~The Pendulum's Purpose
Detail Explaination: Belly of Corset is enlarged in the middle sporting a Clockwork-type stomach. The same motif is included in the fifth section of skirt. The dress has a little inspiration of the theater with the bust being the balconies with curtains right under for the belly as the stage. Bottom hem is made of lace, section above lace is a shiny metal mesh and the hair is an intricate updo-chignon paired with chandelier/teardrop earrings. Other jewelry is the web necklace chained on the collar and gold bead bracelet

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