Monday, July 23, 2012


It's nearing now a week since the Experience Event has been over and was able to get reach my goal of Family Level 52. The week after, I used another 7 Day Master Explorer Pack and continued to AFK level in Bahamar Ancient Area. While that happened, farmed me some Old Chess piecee's and Snails Shells and crafted a couple Chess Greatsword and Serpent Pistols. Plan to do mass upgrade/enchant when I get some gold in.

As the event finished, I became more afk-y and began to miss vesping while watching anime. It was just somethind to do and always felt like a must do in the period instead now, even with the experinece boost from the pack still bringing in a good rate there was no motivation to even get on. All I pictured was my head replace with the forever alone head and staring at the screen : /

Anyways I am happy that I got 4 quarters now with just Master level characters. The kids who got leveled were:

Angyeal : M-Ele : Master 10
Vynchessah : F-Ele : Master 10
Rexynos : STF : Master 10
Rynalldi : Ralph : Master 10
Hymerah : Adelina : Master 1
Kaiyede : Grenmah : Master 1
Bathylda : Cath INT : Master 1
Anastayshia : Brunie : Master 1
Severyn : F-Wiz : Master 1
Methuyzelah : Selva : Master 1
Horaytion : Eduardo : Master 1
Gaspard : Garcia : Master 1
Feylix : Najib : Master 1
Midory : Lisa :Master 1
Charlytte : Claire : Master 1
Lehvynosa : M-Wiz : Master 1
Hysiao : Lorch : Master 1
Ezykiel : Coimbra Trooper : Master 1
Iryna : Cath DEX : Master 1
Deklynn : Gracielo : Expert 3
Hymerris : Irawain : Expert 1
Javyheir : Andre : Expert 1

~Pat on the back to me :D

Apparently in coming patches of 10.16 and 10.19 a nerf on FtM and Elemental Lord Stance and the use of Darkness skills will be installed. The stances nerf may do some major strategy reconstructions as they are one the most prized damage dealers in Raids and Leveling alike. Sucks major. The feature of Darkness as PvE as well as PvP is something to look forward to now making the stance more useful on rendevous across Sword.
In-depth information of both instances can be found from Ashardolon's Blog Posts

Off-Topic: I found a new kitten, she's a gray tabby with white paws (cuteeeee)>*,*< ! Her name is.... Misses Puff XD, her belly is round (hope she's not sick) so that's the basis of the hilarious name. She's super cute and loves to be loved, though she is quiet and doesnt bother anyone which is super great to have unlike my white calico, Neno, this fool is like on 10 jumbo Pixie Sticks majority of the time (he has the nerve to jump on people's laptops! Repeatedly!). The oldest one is Shadow, she's a darker tabby, who basically doesn't like to be touched haha. She bascially says "I'm over here and you're over there, so let's keep it that way" and lots of sas every now and then. I love em all, just thought I'd share that.

Today is the first day I will also start anime topics! Something entertaining for me and every other anime-niac other there. It'll be like two (a post *Not including CoPD) mentionings of my favorite animes and new ones I've looked past and find interesting. Posts will have continous statements of a certain anime from post to post such as my all-time fave Sailormoon and it's topics and Cardcaptor's "Card of the Post-Day" ( this is CoPD ^^ ).


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