Thursday, July 5, 2012

Exp Event

On Sword 2 G1 officials granted us 2 weeks of Exp +50%, Stance Exp +50%, and Drop Rate +30 Bonus Event! This is basically the only time to do active leveling and abuse the hell out of the event. So trying to set my mentality on leveling as many characters as I can. I never like vesping, but by single killing with a side of anime, I'm barely pushing through :D I managed to get MY FIRST & SECOND MASTER LVL-10 100% \o/ I was excited and leveled two to Master from Exp 5 and 8. Making progress...

I've been working on a little piece that based on the one and only Granado Espada, but I've already lost focus a day after I began outlining lol With the event I dont think I'll have time to continue, hopefully during or even after the event I continue working on it agian. Thats if I still have my motivation/inspiration...sigh, I tend to lose that alot in my projects that are meant to go for long periods. As you can see I haven't said what it is, cause it's still in the works, so I want it to be ready for all my visitors to see.

Besides that nothing else is worth mentioning, the server has gotten really boring...

Auf Wiedersehen :D

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