Monday, July 23, 2012

Anime-niac I

Sailor Moon
>This amazing anime is said to becoming back to U.S. television on the under Toonami Productions. This should happen by next year and confirmation that the original voice of Serana "Sailor Moon" will be the same voice actor before it got cancel those years ago. It's really awesome that the voice will be the same, cause it's one that I really liked, hopefully everyone else's doesn't get screwed over (Was watching the latest season of winx club on cartoon network on those voices got JACKED UP! I couldn't even finished the episode...).
     Here's two video's which have become one of my fave SM vid's. In the first one is from the SM Super season, you'll notice how Sailor Moon at the end fires her tiara without a action sequence. I would kill to see everyone be able to attack like that. Having mars's fire appearing out of freaking nowhere,  mercury's water gushing from the an invisblie partol, jupiter's lightning cackling from the sky. Yes. I very much approve.
 The second one is the listing of top dramatic deaths, which I agree to be pretty accurate on the episodes. I always get a punch feeling when I see Serena's Mirrow break and Neptune's was just so... talk about determination. I cried for her. Enjoy. *spoiler alert if you have not seen all episodes and/or the last season which was never dubbed*

>Second topic is again about SM, but to mention how a very talented, stefanolattanzio, who ingeniously made his own version of "Supreme Sailor Scouts". I completely adore his work and love spreading his name around. The name "supreme" is dead-on original and creativie but still get the sense of what SM is about. The new and improved. The scouts now wear a space-futuristic like style to their uniforms and he has included a female Sailor Earth. Pretty cool. Watching videos in german/italian...Orgasmic. Heres a video to get your attention, follow the link above to his channel and view his other correlating work.

Link to his artwork on Deviant Art

CoPD: The Sword

This appeared in episode 9. It's ability is that it can cut through anything and give the user expert swordsman skills. When trying to capture it, the Sword possesed one of her classmate's making it harder to get it without hurting her friend. A very violent and powerful card indeed.
In a tarot reading The Sword card symbolizes strive towards a goal, quest for truth (violent persona)

Synopsis: Cardcaptors is an anime about a girl named Sakura who happen to find a magical book which held powerful enitities in the form of "Clow Cards". After opening the book the cards flew out the window and into the surronding town, now she has to go and retrieve them before their mischevous antics go wild. She learns about Clow Reed, the man who created the cards and finding her inner power while being a trying to get through the fourth grade ^^ 

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