Saturday, January 5, 2013

Thee 80 Questions

I’ve seen a couple other bloggers post one of these so I wanted do one too, lets get started :D Talking in future tense too, some things are soon to be released.

1. What is your Family name?

2. What GE-version/server do you play on?

3. What is your familylevel and how many characters do you have?

57 with 71 characters
4. What faction are you in? (If any) What is your alliance? (Royalist/Republican/Neutral)

5. How long have you played GE?
5+ years.

6. How did you start playing GE?
I believe I stumbled upon it years ago while searching for new games to play. I know I played way before Sword 2 of Gamersfirst, but don’t rememeber who was the publisher at that time.
7. How did you come up with your Family name?

I love making up names! At the timing of making it there were things I was thinking about that made the parts. The “de” comes from De Lancret, the mother’s last name in Ever After with Drew Barrymore. “Leau” is derived from “beau”, French for beautiful~masculine (also boyfriend, lover) but I was thinking “lets change it up a bit” so I switch the B with an L. “vier” from the sounds of chevalier, a name I used a couple times on other mmorpg games and that’s how my family name was created. Pronounced “dee-low-vee-aye” :D

Stock character questions

8. Which stock character is your favorite?
#1 Elementalist #2 Wizard, mostly always favored magic in any game!

9. Please talk freely about fighters.
The diginitaire costume is nice! Don’t play with them much, in the noob days I always liked male fighter because I found female to be ugly lol but I made a female later on after the patch for doubles in barracks to count towards fam lvl. She grew on me especially after I got Bandera Filate costume on that patootie!

10. Favorite fighter stances and skills?
Peltast, the stance pose is cool but I find avant garde skills on a fighter look cool to watch.

11. Please talk freely about wizards.
I used to have female in my main when I was a wee little swordling but not as much now. I bust her every now and then for triple levitation but will use em with Telekinesis

12. Favorite wizard stances and skills?
Telekineis stance and the spiining attack of Hole of Darnkess . Protection field is a BFF!

13. Please talk freely about musketeers.
I recently made a Male one. He’s in captiane costume and shaggy hair <3. I had female in main for a while but she got replaced. Male will be the new musk when I start using them again

14. Favorite musketeer stances and skills?

I always fancied Sight Shot for some reason.

15. Please talk freely about scouts.
I ditched mine a long time ago lol I made a male one a couple months ago but until their new stances comes ill stick with Emilia or other ET people

16. Favorite scout stances and skills?
ET of course and refresh mind is another BFF

17. Please talk freely about the elementalists.
My favorite ones now and since I could remember. Female was in my main since the beginning. I know there was a period when I didn’t use her but she came back with vengeance. Now I switched to male. I always wanted male caused he looked fairly cool in my eyes but still fugly lol however I wanted to be the one of the very few people who did use male. And since I switched I only had that feeling for a very short period when I noticed he was catching on. And now he’s beautiful with his captitaine hair. That little ponytail thingy was NOT doing him any favors!

18. Favorite elementalist stance and skills?
Occultism. Abyss flare ftw! And Possesion/Evo/Dom Ice were a particular fave of mine. Even though they were pratical I always wanted to get them boosted and usuable more later in the game. But Ill have Ion so im okay^^

19. Favorite speech/voices of stock characters?
Female/Male Wizard and Ele. Female Ele in Korean too

20. Favorite costume/equipment for stock characters?
I like the Blue Serpent and Diginitaire ones. La Ventisca on F-ele looks faboulous!

21. What do you expect of stock characters in the future?
Their individual stances. OMG what could ELE have? o.o


RNPC/UPC character questions

22. Favorite male RNPC/UPC?
Ion also ICP/Ed/Lionel

23. Favorite female RNPC/UPC?
Catherine Torsche/Beatrice

24. Favorite RNPC/UPC stance and skills?
Tempest, Glacier Fleuret, Soul Brigner, Frost  

25. Favorite speech/voices of RNPCs/UPCs?
Catherine Torsche

26. What RNPC/UPC would you recommend to use?
Catherine, Beatrice,

27. What was your most memorable recruitment quest?
Catherine Torsche Quest, so much anxiety while keeping robo-catherine alive!

28. Favorite RNPC/UPC that hasn't yet been recruited or released?
Beatrice but I counted her as mine anyways XD

29. Favorite costume/equipment for RNPC/UPC?
Blac pearl on Adelina. Mucho sexy!

30. What do you expect of RNPCs/UPCs in the future?
I want Marchetti to be good character to use. I love when magic strays from traditional things. Bracelets was a nice change though staffs were existing but in the debuff style so it’s still a change-up. So now cubes and tomes add diversity to the magic class. Off-topic: Cabal online used orbs, like bracelets, which was an awesome feature that got me playing but they oatched them to what? Staves! Ridiculous…

31. Here is Gracielo, looking at you from afar. You feel like he wants to be partners with you.

Will you let him join your Family?
Duh…I needed more good-looking people…unlike Alejandro…eww

MCC3 questions

32. What characters do you prefer?
Magic damage dealers

33. What character do you secretly hate?
Alejandro and Claude!

34. What is your main MCC3 team? (List more if you have more than 1 main team)

Grandice/Beatrice-Ion/ Valeria-Vincent-Veronif-Emi-Summoner

35. What team would you think of if you saw the sentence "These are real men..."?

36. What MCC3 team would you like to use? (Okay to include not yet implemented characters)
Correltates to main plus some others:

Catherine Torsche/Ion/Val-Emi


37. What stats would you primarily add to fighter-types (including RNPCs/UPCs)?

38. Stats for wizard-types?

39. Stats for scout-types?

40. Stats for musketeer-types?

41. Stats for elementalist-types?

42. Do you make use of any combination buffs?
Sometimes. When I choose my team for the certain missions or like vesping, I try to do it.

Equipment questions

43. What is your most prideful equipment?
Weapon: +6 Dragon Xbow 38 atk 99 Undead
Armor: +6 ELN ELE 3DR

44. What is the nicest equipment you acquired as a drop/in roulette? Are you lucky with drops?
An ELNr Fighter, my first in Prison Raid, 2nd in Crow Mission. The crow one took me by a big surprise.

45. Do you enhance items? What is your highest enhancement failure and success?
I’ve only gotten to +7, but now I do all my weapons to +6 now and whenever I get more materials I upgrade them to +7 the second round. At least try. I have a const loe that wont +7. After about 7-10 tries. I gave up, cursed at it, and grounded it from every getting upgraded! Wasting my money….deprivng the other precious weapons….make me sick.

46. Do you think certain enhancement NPCs have more chance to succeed than others? Which one?
I think it changes. Mine atm is Rebo, with visits to PoC on random occassions

47. Do you enchant items? What is the best stat you have gotten?
Yes. Best was the time I got 3dr on three armors under 100 chips. Now that was a grand day!

48. Do you craft your own equipments?

PvP questions

49. What is your experience with victory and defeat in PvP?
I don’t like it very much. I get too into it as in too much anxiety. But when I do, like in xpvp I get excited when I win for sure! Always hoping to get a noob of course lol

50. What MCC3 teams are often used in Team PvP?
I see many Cathrine Torsches used and Darkenss users. Peltasts are annoying too

51. Please talk about some common tactics.
Debuff usage and stun/knockdown lock are my favorites

52. What are you proud of to achieve in PvP?
Actually winning. Lets say when both of us have equal chance it makes it that much more rewarding.

53. What is the most annoying MCC3 team in PvP?
Wizard(curse) or other Damage Dealer /Darkness/Valeria

54. Your most impressive PvP memory?
I can’t remember >.< but it was a good one!

55. Have you joined Colony War/Alliance War? Please talk freely about it.
I’ve done Colony once, didn’t like it. Alliance war was fun, I used Ralph and had a blast OHKOing Sosos.  

56. Any thoughts or expectations about PvP in the future?
Not really

Other questions

57. What is your favorite pet?
Black Dragon

58. What kind of pet would you like to implement?
Mini Nephtys!

59. Favorite pose?
Seduction and Hugging (make kissing scenes!!!!)

60. Please post a favorite screenshot here.

61. What is your favorite monster?
Griffon, Avalannche Apparition(just cause the damned souls that its made of is a very interesting detail even if I creeps me out when I zoom in on it. cool but gross lol)

62. What is your least favorite monster?
Vergo, Wights in Basement Raid

63. Do you participate in raids? (Including solo)
Yes of course

64. Do you have a favorite leveling map?
Citadel of the Gods or Bahamar Secret Cave

65. What map, that you've never been to, would you like to visit?
Land of the Dead with Sheoul

66. What is your favorite city?
Port of Coimbra

67. What is your favorite background music from the game?
Bring Cadenza-Castilla Mines

68. What is your favorite raid/mission/instance? Please explain about it.
Holy Water Chamber because of the many chips, Basement since I’ve gotten it mastered now, and Clan missions for the helpful roulettes

69. What is your favorite official event?
The Alphabet event  

70. Have you participated in events organized by the gameprovider or individuals?

71. What thoughts do you have about the Cash Shop/Item Mall?
I would like them to be cheaper or include more bang for your buck. This gambling style is very annoying

72. What about any of the gambling webgames related to GE?
Ive never used them as my old version didn’t have them but gambling with a game like this doesn’t always have a happy ending

73. Let's be honest. How much do you think people spend in the above mentioned things?
A lot. A blessing to them to be able to spend thousands on the game like this. I sure know if I had it Id be doing the same thing. You guys have thought of the same thing!

74. What are your fond memories of GE?
Meeting some good friends even if we haven’t met and becoming the master/pro I’ve always wanted to be  

75. And as well, your bitter memories?
The loss of money with upgrading and enchanting… Jesus. And stupid drama for ex-friends!

76. Do you have any general thoughts, suggestions or ideas about GE?
Less real money demand, more opportunities to make pure vis like the Elemental jewels in roulettes

77. What do you think about your GE-versions next update?
They are awesome, and I want them already!

78. Take care of yourself in and out of GE! Any words of advice about doing so?
Save your money if you can, wait for discounts and bulkbuy the crap out of the shop

79. What do you think about the gameprovider and GMs of your GE-version?
Sometimes they make it a little bothersome but they have my respects for creating such a great game

80. Cheers for your good work!



  1. Hey Del!! Nice post you did there :) Hope to see you on the new world. DeBe

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    1. Debe! Thanks man, of course ill see you on the new world, it wouldn't be new without me XD